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Best all-terrain pushchairs and prams – UK Edition


As we love spending our time in the outdoors, we would love to continue our adventures with our baby. Once baby is a bit older we can take him out paddling on our inflatable kayak. But one thing we can do from the very start is walk in nature. Hiking is our favourite activity, so really pleased, that we can continue doing it. I am excited to show our baby this beautiful world we live in. We even went for a mountain theme nursery, so hopefully, he will enjoy spending time in the hills, as much as we do! 

I knew, that an excellent all-terrain travel system was inevitable to make our experience in the outdoors more enjoyable. We needed something, that we could use in the muddy countryside, local woodland, beach excursions and hiking in the mountains. I did a lot of research and talked to other outdoorsy parents in order to find the best all-terrain pushchair for our growing family. The UK market has many options for off-road strollers, prams, buggies and pushchairs. The aim of this article is to help you navigate this overwhelming selection and to assist you to find the best off-road pushchair for your needs.

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All terrain pushchairs comparison chart

  • Hauck Runner 2
  • Out 'N' About Nipper
  • Baby Jogger City Mini GT2
  • Bumble-ride Indie All Terrain Stroller
  • Thule Urban Glide 2 All Terrain Stroller
  • Bugaboo Fox 3
Hauck Runner 2Out 'N' About NipperBaby Jogger City Mini GT2Bumble-ride Indie All Terrain StrollerThule Urban Glide 2 All Terrain StrollerBugaboo Fox 3
Item Weight11.5 kg9.8 kg‎10.3 kg‎10.9 kg11.5 kg9.9 kg
Item dimension124x60x106 cm116x62x97 cm105x65x113 cm94x62x67 cm104x69x102 cm 105 x 60 x 88 cm
Folded size87 x 59 x 47 cm62 x 43 x 94 cm65 x 26 x 81 cm81 x 62 x 29 cm87 x 69 x 34 cm86 x 52 x 34 cm
Max pushchair weight capacity 22 + 3 kg (seat + basket)22 kg22 kg25 + 4.5 kg (seat + basket)22 + 12 kg (seat + basket)22 + 10 kg (seat + basket)
Wheels3 air-filled wheels3 air-filled tyres3 forever air rubber tires 3 air-filled tires3 air-filled rubber tires 4 puncture proof wheels
Suitable fromNewborn (carrycot available)Newborn (carrycot available)Newborn (carrycot available)Newborn (carrycot available)Newborn (carrycot available)Newborn (carrycot available)
Suspensi-onIndependent rear suspensionAll-wheel suspensionAll wheel suspension4-wheel suspension
BrakeCombined brake systemOne pedal easy lock brakeBrake Lever on handlebarSecure foot brakeIntegrated twist hand brakeFlip Flop friendly brake
Seat recline
See PriceSee PriceSee PriceSee PriceSee PriceSee Price

Things to consider

All-terrain tyres

Something that is worth noting is that most traditional prams have puncture-proof wheels. All-terrain pushchairs have larger tires in general. This helps to absorb bumps. Many models use air-filled tires, just like you would find on a bicycle. This is to create a smooth ride on rough terrain. But the disadvantage is, that they can go flat when they lose air pressure or get a puncture by something sharp. In most cases, you can buy an alternative low maintenance wheel instead of the air-filled ones. Alternatively, you can also put slime in the air-filled tyres in places like Halfords or your local bike shop.

Out n About pram in the snow


Most off-road pushchairs are much bulkier than conventional ones. Measure your hallway and doors to see if they would fit. Also, consider how big they are when folded up and see if that would work with your car boot. 

Kids bike trailers

I have a separate guide about the best kids bike trailers in the UK market. Many of the units in that post also function as off-road strollers. So I would suggest looking into this option as well if you enjoy cycling and want to save some money by only buying one thing.

Kids bike trailers can often function as off-road pushchairs

All terrain pushchair reviews

Hauck Pushchair Runner 2 Review

A great cheap all-terrain pushchair. Fantastic value for your money. It is quite big, so make sure you have the space for it in your home or garage. Even when folded, it can take up a lot of space in your car boot. For us, this isn’t an issue, as we have an estate with a big boot. We sometimes even sleep in the car at the back. Also having a big stroller has its advantages as well, like the spacious basket for your shopping.

Newborn Suitability: It has a seat with a lying position, or you can buy a snuggly 2in1 carrycot that can be later transformed into a footmuff.

Out N About Nipper Review

I did an Out N About Nipper 360 review in more detail on my blog. Everyone I came across, that has this pushchair raves about it! It also seems like the Out n About customer service is fantastic. They are also a UK manufacturer & supplier, so you would be supporting a British based company. It has great all-terrain tyres. However, as with all air-filled tyres, you can get a puncture. If you want to avoid this you can get slime in it or buy the EVA wheels. The only thing you need to consider is the size of this pushchair, as it is quite big.

Newborn Suitability: It was important for us to buy an all-terrain pushchair from birth. The seat reclines flat in the Nipper and can be used for a newborn like that. You can also purchase an extra newborn support. With these options, you won’t be facing your baby and you will have to strap your baby in. Alternatively, you can buy a carrycot. This way your baby can face you. The carrycot is not suitable for overnight sleeping.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Review

The most compact all terrain pushchair on our list. The biggest advantage of this model is its one-hand compact fold. This makes it a great size for travelling. It is freestanding once folded so really easy to store. It has quite small all terrain tires, which are actually foam rather than air, so there’s no need to worry about punctures. It has a hand-operated parking brake, which might be unusual at first, but it is easy to get used to it.

Newborn Suitability: It has a near-flat seat recline, so you will need a seperate carrycot. It is suitable for occasional overnight sleeping and the mattress pad is machine washable, which is an added bonus.

Bumbleride Indie All Terrain Stroller Review

I love that this stroller was made with sustainability in mind. A great option for eco-conscious parents. The company uses 100% recycled PET for the fabric and 25% of the plastic frame components are sourced from recycled fishing nets. The air-filled wheels can take on any terrain and a pump is included in case it goes flat while you are out. 

Newborn Suitability: It is infant ready with the seat lying position. But you can also attach a bassinet if you want.

Thule Urban Glide 2 All Terrain Stroller Review

This company needs no introduction. Thule is well-known for its quality products and smart designs. This all-terrain stroller is no exception! Its all-terrain tyres will go smoothly on mud, snow, gravel and sandy beaches. The integrated twist hand brake is very convenient on steep trails and for running. This model is also very popular with jogging parents, as you can lock the front wheel in place. This prevents the stroller from bounding to keep the front wheel from spinning on you. 

Newborn Suitability: Recommended for babies 6 months+. It can’t be used for a newborn without a bassinet. So plan for an extra expense if you want to use it from birth.

Bugaboo Fox 3 Review

A bit different to the other models, as this is a 4 wheel all-terrain pushchair. The puncture-proof wheels will also make your outing worry-free. It is the only all-terrain pram on our list, which has reversible seat, meaning your baby can be either world or parent facing. The basket at the bottom can take up to a 10 kg load, so you can pack a lot in there. At the same time, the unit itself is super lightweight and easy to carry when folded into an upright position. 

Newborn Suitability: A carrycot is included, so you can use it from birth.

Out n About Review

All terrain double buggy comparison chart

  • Joovy Scooter X2
  • Hauck Uptown Duo
  • Out 'n' About Nipper Double V4
  • Mountain Buggy Double Pushchair
  • Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double
  • iCandy Peach All-Terrain Forest Double
Joovy Scooter X2Hauck Uptown DuoOut 'n' About Nipper Double V4Mountain Buggy Double PushchairBaby Jogger City Mini GT2 DoubleiCandy Peach All-Terrain Forest Double
Item Weight‎14.5 kg17.5 kg12.8 kg‎14.7 kg16.5 kg19.5 kg
Item dimension83x76x113 cm94x78x103 cm‎119x72x96 cm115x63x105cm104x77x110 cm99x55x52 cm
Folded size90 x 76 x 33 cm84x78x36 cm72x42x90 cm31x63x89 cm82x77x34 cm70x61x43 cm
Max pushchair weight capacity 40 kg30 + 3 kg (seats + basket)44 kg36 kg44 + 6 kg (seats + basket)50 + 10 kg (seats + basket)
WheelsSealed bearing wheelsPuncture-resistant air chamber wheels3 air filled tyres4 air-filled tiresAll-terrain forever air rubber tyresMulti-wheel options: puncture-proof tyres
Suitable from3 months+Newborn (carrycot available)Newborn (carrycot available)Newborn (carrycot available)Newborn (carrycot available)Newborn (carrycot available)
Suspensi-onRear wheel suspensionAll-wheel suspension
BrakeOne-Step Linked Parking BrakesFullwidth rear parking brakeEasy lock pedal brakeHand operated active brake for slowing down + foot park brakeHand-operated parking brakePedal foot brake
Seat recline
Door pass through73 cm78 cm72 cm63 cm77 cm55 cm
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Joovy Scooter X2 Double Pushchair

This model is technically not an all-terrain pushchair, but it does quite well on uneven terrain. It could be a great budget-friendly option, just keep in mind, that it won’t ride as smooth as the other pushchairs in this post. It has a huge basket at the bottom, which is always handy for carrying stuff.

Newborn Suitability: Not recommended for infants under 3 months old, as the seats don’t lie flat. Unfortunately, there is no car seat adapter or carrycot for this stroller.

Hauck Uptown Duo

A budget-friendly option if you are looking for an all-terrain double stroller. It has a fantastic one-hand fold system, but it is quite heavy to carry. It is not suitable for running, but works great on countryside walks or even hiking in the hills. There is a cup holder on each side and a large shopping basket at the bottom. Plenty of space for all your (or the kids’) stuff. 

Newborn Suitability: The pram has a lie-flat position, which can be used for newborns. But you also have the option to purchase a 2-in-1 carrycot, which can function as a footmuff as well.

Out ‘n’ About Nipper Double V4

A very popular choice among outdoorsy families, as it rides great on off-road, it is very lightweight and still affordable. There is also a Facebook group (Out n About Nipper Buy, Sell, Chat), where you can get tips and advice about this pushchair or buy one second hand. There is a separate Sport version, that can be used for jogging.

Newborn Suitability: You have a few options. Either use it as it is and lie the seat down completely or you can get a newborn support or carrycot for extra comfort. The carrycot is not suitable for overnight sleeping. 

Mountain Buggy Double Pushchair

It is one of the narrowest side-by-side on the UK market. With 63 cm it is not any wider, than many single pushchairs. Really easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. The front wheels can be locked and used for jogging as well. It rides great on different terrains thanks to its suspension and air-filled tyres.

Newborn Suitability: The seats incline horizontal making them suitable for newborns. Alternatively, you can also purchase a bassinet, which has been certified for overnight sleep.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double All-Terrain

A particularly good option for toddlers, as this stroller has a big weight capacity. It is not suitable for jogging, but perfect for walks. You don’t even need to worry about getting a flat tyre, as they are rubber. It has a great one-step quick-fold technology, but the pram itself is quite heavy, so not super convenient for travel.

Newborn Suitability: It can’t be used for a newborn without a carrycot, which needs to be purchased separately. 

iCandy Peach All-Terrain Double

This model is a bit on the expensive side, but it comes with a lot of extras. It converts from a single to double pushchair or a full travel system with included car seat adaptors. It comes with a huge 44-litre basket, which can hold up to 10kg of shopping. However, it is difficult to access when in double mode with a carrycot.  Keep in mind, that the unit can feel quite heavy when in double mode, and with the extra weight it can be hard to push.

Newborn Suitability: It comes with a carrycot, so can be used for a newborn. The carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping



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