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Best kids bike trailer – UK Edition


As you might know I don’t drive a car. This means that I get around on a daily basis by bike. I use it to the market, to get to work and I even cycled when I had to pick up some bulky items for our mountain themed baby nursery. I love cycling, not just on bike touring holidays, but also to run errands. It is much nicer than sitting in a traffic jam or struggling to find a parking space. Not to mention how much cheaper it is, especially looking at the gas prices nowadays.

I would love to keep up my cycling routine when our baby arrives. This will of course require a good child’s bicycle trailer. So in my third trimester, I started to do some research about baby bike trailers. I read many bike trailer reviews online, asked for recommendations from friends and read some really useful tips on the “Family Cycling UK” Facebook Group. Did I find the best kids bike trailer for us? Only time will tell… Everyone’s needs and budget is different, so there isn’t one simple solution for all. I prepared this guide to help you in the decision making. Hopefully, my comparison chart and tips will help you navigate the overwhelming selection of child bike trailers. 

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Children's bike trailers

Single Bike trailers Comparison Chart

Buying a trailer for a bicycle can be big investment, so you will want to get it right. Hopefully, my chart will make it easy for you to compare the different brands and styles.

  • Qeridoo Sportrex
  • Thule Chariot Cross
  • Burley Dlite X
  • Hamax Outback
  • Croozer Vaaya
Qeridoo Sportrex Thule Chariot CrossBurley Dlite XHamax OutbackCroozer Vaaya
Harness type5-Point5-Point5-Point5-Point5-Point
Cargo Space28 lNA.40 lNA.43 l
Max trailer weight capacity 50 kg34 kg34 kg34 kg35 kg
Door pass through 67 cm65 cm70 cm67 cm72 cm
Folded dimension103x54x36 cm87x65x38 cm91x70x38 cm108x67x30cm 106×72×28 cm
Item weight15.5 kg13.8 kg12.5 kg17 kg15,9 kg
ActivitiesBike, jog, stroll, skiBike, jog, stroll, skiBike, jog, stroll, skiBike, jog, stroll, skiBike, jog, stroll, ski
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5 Best Single Kids bike trailers in the UK

Qeridoo Sportrex

Key Features:

  • Windows have an Ultra Violet protection of 50+
  • Water repellent material + extra waterproof cover
  • 360 ° ventilation system

Thule Chariot Cross

Key Features:

  • Adjustable suspension
  • Removable, easy to clean seat
  • Easily adjustable ventilation vents

Burley D’Lite X

Key features:

  • Adjustable suspension
  • Reclining seat with 3 positions of adjustment
  • Seat can be detached to convert to cargo trailer
  • Wind and water-resistant cover
  • Windows have an Ultra Violet protection of 50+

Hamax Outback

Key Features:

  • You can convert to cargo trailer
  • Max speed: 24 km/15mph
  • Reclining seat with 3 positions of adjustment
  • 600D waterproof polyester fabrics

Croozer Vaaya

Key Features:

  • Plastic windows and rain cover with UPF of 80
  • Sensor-activated handlebar light (rechargeable)
  • Maximum speed: 25 km/h (15 mph).

Baby Bike Trailers

There aren’t any specifically designed bike trailers for babies. You can just use a regular kids bike trailer. However, there is a catch! You want your little one to be safe, but the industry standard is to wait until a child is one year old. So finding something to use as a baby bicycle trailer is not an easy task. A bike trailer infant insert could be the solution to this problem. These are usually suitable from around 4 weeks old, but only when the trailer is used as a stroller and not for cycling.

However, there is a huge community of parents, who cycle with their infants regularly. Some do it using an infant sling inside a trailer. Others secure the baby car seat into a cargo bike or the trailer. There really aren’t many studies on the safety in doing this. At the end of the day, use your own judgment and see what you feel comfortable with. 
The chart below lists a few baby slings that were designed to be used in bike trailers. You will notice that only the Weber and Croozer seats come without a restriction about using them while cycling. These companies are both based in Europe, so perhaps they are a bit more casual about it there.

Baby Trailer Seat Comparison Chart

  • Burley Baby Snuggler
  • Croozer Babies Child Seat
  • Hamax Baby Insert
  • Qeridoo Hammock
  • Thule Chariot Infant Sling
  • Weber Baby Chair
Burley Baby SnugglerCroozer Babies Child SeatHamax Baby InsertQeridoo HammockThule Chariot Infant SlingWeber Baby Chair
Suitable to cycleNo1 month+NoNoNo1 month+
Suitable to stroll3 months+1 month+1 month+1 month +1 month+1 month+
Harness type5-Point5-Point5-Point5-Point5-Point3-Point
Maximum weight21lb /9kg22lb/10kg22lb/10 kg22lb/10 kg 22lb/10kg21lb/9 kg
Item size53x25x13cm31x 31x 6 cm70x30x20cm53 cm wide39x77x35cm16x29x67cm
Item weight600 g1 kg900 gN.A.1 kg550 g
Trailer typeUniversalMost Croozer trailersMost Hamax trailersMost Qeridoo trailersMost Thule trailersUniversal
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Burley Baby Snuggler


  • Machine washable
  • Compatible with all child trailers that have a 5-point safety harness.


  • Material make baby hot
  • Not recommended for cycling

Croozer Infant Sling


  • Can be used for cycling


  • Croozer has infant slings for many trailer models. Make sure you get the right one.

Hamax trailer baby insert


  • Removable and washable padding
  • Easy to install


  • Not recommended for cycling

Qeridoo Hammock


  • Breathable cover
  • Adjustable reclining position
  • Allows an infant to be transported next to a toddler


  • Not recommended for cycling

Thule Infant Sling


  • Simple installation


  • Not recommended for cycling

Weber Baby Seat


  • Can be used for cycling
  • Allows an infant to be transported next to a toddler
  • Can be used with many different types of trailers


  • Installation can be a bit tricky

Bike trailer for 2 kids

If you have two children or are planning to have more after your first one, then it might be worth considering getting a bike trailer for two kids. The main problem with this could be if you also wanted to use it as a stroller on a regular basis and keep the trailer inside your house. You will have to check, that it will fit through your front door. A standard door widths in the UK is 76.2 cm (30 inches). New built houses often have a 83.8 cm (33 inches) doors to comply with regulations for disability access.

There is actually a bigger choice for double bike trailers than single bike trailer for kids. This makes sense, as most families have multiple children. In a double trailer you can carry 1 or 2 children. Some families with just one child also choose a double trailer for extra storage, or the option to bring along a friend.

Double Trailers Comparison Chart

  • Homcom
  • Burley Bee
  • Hamax Travel-ler
  • Burley Encore X
  • Qeridoo Sportrex
  • Burley Dlite X
  • Thule Chariot Cross 2
HomcomBurley BeeHamax Travel-lerBurley Encore XQeridoo SportrexBurley Dlite XThule Chariot Cross 2
Children1 or 21 or 21 or 21 or 21 or 21 or 21 or 2
Harness type5-Point5-Point5-Point5-Point5-Point5-Point5-Point
Cargo SpaceNA.45 lNA.60 l39 l50 lNA.
Max trailer weight capacity 40 kg45 kg47 kg45 kg60 kg45 kg45 kg
Door pass through 76 cm76.2 cm78.5 cm79 cm81 cm79.4 cm80 cm
Folded dimension130x76x88cn90x74x29 cm100x74x30cm 91x79x31 cm103x81x95cm94x79x36 cm87x80x38 cm
Item weight12.2 kg9.1 kg13 kg11.2 kg16.5 kg13.8 kg14.5 kg
ActivitiesBikeBikeBike, strollBike, jog, stroll, skiBike, jog, stroll, skiBike, jog, stroll, skiBike, jog, stroll, ski
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7 Best Double Bike Trailers in the UK

HOMCOM Trailer Review

This is a really cheap bike trailer for kids and actually a great deal if you want something simple just for cycling. You can’t use this as a stroller and there is no way to purchase ski accessories for it. An advantage of something cheap is that you don’t need to worry too much about the ever-growing bike theft. This trailer dismantles quite easily and can be transported flat. Don’t expect any fancy features, like suspension, reclining seats or skid guards. But it does the job for your daily cycling commute with kids.

Burley Bee Trailer Review

This is a popular choice in the UK and for a good reason. Burley bike trailers have a good reputation. The Burley Bee bike trailer is a great budget option and the lightest bicycle trailer on our list. Keep in mind, that it has no suspension and no ability to convert to a stroller. But if you are going to stick to cycling on paved trails, then go for it! The quality and design are great for recreational use.

Hamax Traveller Review

A fantastic bike stroller trailer budget option. It lacks certain features like suspension, the padding on the seats or reclining seats, but that is to be expected for this price range. A bonus though, is that it can convert into a stroller, so you can go on walks with it as well. It is important to note, that the Hamax baby insert is NOT compatible with the Traveller. So if you want to use the trailer with a small baby, then go for the Hamax Outback, which has many other extra features as well. Alternatively, look for a different brand or use a universal baby insert like the Weber.

Burley Encore X Trailer Review

This trailer offers some deluxe features without paying a fortune. It has suspension, although it is not adjustable for weight load. The seats and harnesses are padded, so should keep children comfy even on longer rides. The trailer is quite lightweight and easy to pull. Another cool feature is that it can convert to a cargo trailer as well.  So once you outgrow it as a kids trailer you always still have the versatility to use it for other purposes. But it has a huge cargo 60 l space anyways even in a child trailer mode. The Burley Encore X is a great value for your money. It really competes with its top-end counterparts like Thule.

Qeridoo Sportrex 2 review

This trailer comes at a mid-range price but has some high-end features. The main one is the adjustable suspension, which is really smooth! The seats are also padded and come with a breathable mesh. Perfect for hot, summer days. A downside of the Qeridoo Sportrex is the weight, as it is quite heavy compared to other models, and this is noticeable when pulling it behind a bike. It doesn’t really matter as much, when in stroller mode.

Burley Dlite X Review

A high-end trailer with reclining, padded seats, adjustable suspension and a removable floor mat. The Burley D’Lite has tinted windows with UV protection and an in-built sunshade. You can recline the seats individually, but keep in mind, that whatever amount you recline also takes away from storage. You will also find a mesh pocket inside, which is placed perfectly for little children to reach. A great place to keep sippy cups or snacks. It is also possible to convert it to a cargo trailer, which is a great plus for this model if you are into bike touring. A great way to transport your camping gear.

Thule Chariot Cross 2 Review

Thule probably needs no introduction. They are famous for their high-quality products. The Thule Chariot Cross 2 is no exception! But with great brand names and high-end features come a big price tag. It is the most expensive bike trailer on the UK market. If you are a regular cyclist, then it is definitely worth the money. The design is very user friendly. It is easy to load children in it, has adjustable suspension, reclining seats, great cargo space and weatherproofing features. The trailer pulls very smooth even with two toddlers inside it and also works great as a stroller. A fantastic investment for active families.

Bike trailer for 3 kids

If you want to cycle with 3 or more children, then your best option is to go for a cargo bike. Babboe has some great options, many of them are e-bikes! Alternatively, you could also buy a double bike trailer and use a child seat at the front and/or back of your bike. 



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