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Iceland Road Trip (East)

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Not many people make the effort to go to East Iceland, which is a shame as its fjords, beaches, waterfalls and cute villages are truly beautiful. This part of the country was the least busy, which made our job easy when we wanted to take pictures of the scenery without people in our shots. There aren’t many major tourist attractions this part of the country, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see. You will stop constantly to take pictures, as the whole area is really jaw dropping.

Here are some of the pictures we took along the way.

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Reyðarfjörður: We stayed in this camp site for a night. It is right next to a small lake and surrounded with mountains. What a nice setting to spend the night.

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Seyðisfjörður: This cute, little village has a camp site where we stayed for a night. You can find some shops and restaurants here and there are a few lovely walks you can embark on.

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Hengifoss: It’s the third highest waterfall in Iceland. The hike starts with a steep climb up the hills and can be a bit challenging. Out half way you reach Litlanesfall, where you can have a little rest before you continue. You can already see the colors of the layers rock of the Hengifoss from a distance, it looks really unique. It’s a 5 km round trip hike, which takes about 1,5-2 hours. I really recommend it and it’s one of the less known hikes in Iceland.

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  1. Wow what a beautiful site of Iceland. It’s true, one doesn’t hear a lot about the easter part. But it seems truly worth visiting. Will check for my next (and first ;) ) trip to Iceland for sure. Thanks for the great tips

  2. What a really stunning road trip, great to see your photos especially of Reyðarfjörður (had to copy and paste that) I really enjoyed the post.

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  3. Isn’t Iceland a dream?! I didn’t make it to the eastern part of the island, but will definitely be going back to explore that side of the island. I can’t get over how much there is to see and do there. I’ve never really been able to pick a “favorite country” until I went to Iceland.

  4. Iceland is on my travel bucket list for a while and hopefully I’ll go someday.
    Thanks for your pics, I want to go even more now :p

  5. Looks beautiful! Still on my list! :)

  6. It sounds completely different when i read your post than when my bf tells me about his East Iceland road trips as a ten-year-old, hahaha. What he remembers is being super bored with the Asterix and Obelix at the backseat, and his dad constantly telling him to admire the views :) Of course, now he appreciates the beauty of his country :)

  7. Iceland is one of my bucket list destinations. I really would love to visit – any part of the island really! I will definitely consider east Iceland when I do eventually get to visit! One thing that does concern me is the amount of other people there as it seems to be so popular right now – great to get shots not full of other people! The scenery is just beautiful!

  8. Beautiful photos! I did an Iceland road trip last December and it was so beautiful–although very snowy. I so want to go back in summer since we stopped off at many of these places, but they look so different in summer. Another reason to go back!

  9. Very beautiful villages and sites! Iceland is simply stunning. Definitely will look to the east when I plan for my next visit.

  10. Iceland is gorgeous all around and no matter what time of year. I would love to just travel the entire country for days and in its entirety. Lovely photos!

  11. Love your photos, looks like such a beautiful place! I really want to visit Iceland soon

  12. What a beautiful place! I’ll add it to my list of places to visit when in Iceland, thank you for sharing it!

  13. The fjords and waterfalls look amazing, especially Reyðarfjörður! No plans for Iceland yet, but thanks to you I know where to go to avoid the tourist crowds.

  14. Love it, there are still so many corners of Iceland that tourists haven’t discovered yet – I guess that is good and bad ;) I’ve been to East Iceland 7 years ago, but it was March and snow covered most of the views – need to return one day!

  15. Ooooh, I’ve never been to Iceland, but a friend of mine keeps asking me to go with her sometime. I’m completely inspired by your photos and info to do so now! Thanks

  16. This looks awesome – I love less touristy places! I’ll actually be in Reykjavik next week for1 day – won’t get to see much, but I’m sure I’ll be back!

  17. I have yet to visit Iceland, and have only really heard about the Golden Circle. Sounds like there’s a lot more to explore and the eastern part might be better for avoiding the crowds. And that little village looks super cute. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  18. It’s a shame most people only stay around Reykjavik but I’m also guilt of only seeing a small section of Iceland but would love to see more. It looks beautiful in the East too!

  19. I definitely need to go to Island to photography the landscape and nature. It is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing and reminding me about my bucket list ;-)

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