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Scariest experience in my life

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Yes, yes, yes. I did it!! I stood on Kjeragbolten, 1000m above Lysefjorden. Sorry for the spoiler guys, but I can’t keep it in myself. I saw a picture of it on 9gag, put it on my bucket list, booked a flight ticket to Norway, hiked to the rock and stood on it. Ok, there were many months and even years between these events, but it doesn’t change the fact, that I made my dream come true.

Let me tell you I’m afraid of heights. I’m ok to look at the distance, or go on a roller coaster where I feel safe thanks to the belts. But looking down from really high is scary for me and I get dizzy.

Only after I booked my flight to Norway, that I looked up on YouTube, what it actually takes to stand on the rock. I was horrified watching the video as a guy stood on the rock, having his GoPro on a headstrap. That moment I felt disappointed and angry, that I won’t have the courage to do it. I tried to comfort myself it doesn’t matter, it’s just for a stupid picture.. and as weeks passed I grew to accept the fact that I might make the hike without standing on the rock. After all my life is worth more than a picture.

Sunday morning at 7 AM we set off for the hike. It was nice and sunny, and not as busy as Preikestolen. The first km was really difficult, as it was so steep, we had to climb. There were chains helping us. Holding onto them was the difference between life or death. My mum was upset, she wanted to turn back, but neither of us give up in the end. We kept going. And thank god we did. The trek was very beautiful and diverse. We hiked through green meadows, little bridges over fresh stream water, rocks and snow.
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It took about 2,5-3 hours to get to the top with many stops to take pictures. I was excited. I’ve been waiting for this moment for soo long. My family stopped to take pictures of the rock from the front, but I was only interested in one thing. To see in real life, what does it take to stand on it. I left them, without saying anything. Moments later my brother joined me and we had the first glimpse of the back of Kjeragbolten together.

OMG, I’m so close to cross this off my bucket list. This item was particularly important to me for some reason. As I stood there I was determined to stand on it. It was early and there wasn’t a queue like other times. So I could literally just go and do it. But my brother beat me to it. Maybe he was just as excited as me, maybe he felt like as my big brother he should test the area first. I remember I was so scared watching him step on the rock. But he made it safely and just told me, it was a piece of cake.

I didn’t hesitate for a second. I went for it. Standing on Kjeragbolten my legs were shaking a bit. I literally just kept saying to myself “Don’t look down, don’t look down” And so I didn’t. I concentrated on one single point in front of me and just stared at it. After I felt like my dad made enough shots of me I made it back from the rock. I jumped from joy as I got to safety. It was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever done.
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I strongly suggest doing the hike. It is challenging, but for the views and for the amazing feeling of standing on Kjeragbolten it is well worth the effort.

Watch my vlog about the experience! :D

What’s your most precious bucket list item? Have you crossed it off already? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Great! You did it!!! Sometimes our mind is so strong! So happy your adventure side won the non-heights one :) Shots and lanscapes are awesone! Now it’s on my bucket list too :P Cheers!

  2. How incredible! And absolutely beautiful! Great pics! Where you with the couple that proposed you did you just happen upon it? I’ve definitely added this to my bucket list now!

  3. I have seen those pictures so now I know where that is. That is cool you accomplished that. I did not have bike zipline but definitely off the list but my main is picture in devil’s pool in Victoria Falls. Nice Pics :-)

  4. WOW….you have huge cajones!! I’m afraid of heights too and I have that weird feeling I’d somehow throw myself off on accident or trip and fall lol! GOOD FOR YOU!

  5. That’s awesome! Congrats! I’m also verrrry scared of heights but trying to overcome it because I like to hike, especially with mountain views!

  6. This is on my bucket list! Good for you for having the courage to face your fear of heights. One item off my bucket list is cage diving with sharks in Hawaii. It was scary and definitely memorable.

  7. Congratulations! That was amazing that you were able to do that and experience it with your family. I’m very afraid of heights, too. I’d probably just be happy to be in Norway.

  8. This is just incredible! You are very brave to be able to stand on that rock and cross it off your bucket list. My number one bucket list item is to go to Antarctica because I’ve been to all the other continents. I definitely want to go to Norway sometime soon though!

    • Oh and all your pictures, “professional or mommy,” are the highlight of my morning, well besides my coffee of course, every single day…It’s these pictures that keep me connected to the people I love and miss so much.

  9. Ahhh, what an exhilarating experience! I must get to Norway. I have two friends there that run a campsite in summer. Beautiful photos!

  10. WOW! Congrats on this awesome feat! I am having a slight panic attack thinking about if I ever do that! Which I really don’t think I could… great job! And awesome pictures — I liked how you had so many in this post!

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