Bucket List



Zip Line in Costa Rica
Visit the Havasupai Falls in Arizona
Jump off a waterfall
Go on an open door helicopter flight
 Swim in a hot spring
 Ride Insanity and X-Scream at the top of the Stratosphere Tower
 Swim in the Devil’s Pool
Go wild camping
 White Water Raft
 Scuba dive
Hike, sail and cycle in the Lake District
Try snowshoeing
 Ride in a hot air balloon
 Ride a jet ski
 Water Ski
 Ride a roller coaster
 Rope swing into water



 Hold a monkey
 Swim with dolphins
Go whale watching
Horseback ride on the beach
Hug a redwood
Hike The Narrows in Zion
Feed a koala bear
Pet a kangaroo
Ride a Camel
Ride an elephant
Swim with Jellyfish in Palau
Swim with turtles
See the Great Barrier Reef
Roll in a huge pile of leaves with children
Sleep under the stars



Receive a fan letter
Meet someone famous
Get married
Have children
Join the Mile High Club.
Organize a family portrait
Kiss in the rain



Be published in a magazine
Start a blog
Take pictures in a photo booth
Create a family logo



Attend a random free seminar
Teach someone something useful
Learn to use PhotoShop properly
Pass the high level Russian language exam
Learn to play a song on a guitar
Master the German language



Bring a meal to a homeless person



Eat caviar
Drink milk from a fresh coconut
Eat an insect
Drink Absinthe
Create a traditional dish from a different culture
Do a body shot
Learn to use chopsticks



Ride a mechanical bull
Play poker in Las Vegas
Party at a roof top
Go Christmas caroling
Stage dive
Attend a film premiere
Play Lasertag
Have a Collection
Play paintball
Take a Segway tour
Fly a kite
Participate in a Free Hug Campaign
Jump into a fountain with some friends
Pillow fight
Attend Critical Mass
Ride a unicycle.
Attend The Color Run
Jump in the snow after sauna


See a Broadway play
See a West End play
See a volcano
Explore a rain forest
Live in a foreign country
Go on a safari in Africa
Do volunteering in Central America with animals
Cycle from London to Paris
Visit Seljavallalaug pool
Walk on a glacier
Drink beer at Oktoberfest
Travel in a caravan for at least a week
Put on 10 kg weight
Swim across Lake Balaton
Go on a multi day kayak, canoe or rafting tour
Swallow medicine without chewing
Cycle around Lake Balaton
Go on a cycling tour abroad
Cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge
 See a Las Vegas Show
 Stand on Kjeragbolten in Norway
See The Northern Lights
Ride a Cable Car in San Francisco
Visit Machu Picchu
Take my mum to Moscow
Surprise my family by visiting them in Hungary without letting them know
Go to Bounce Below in Snowdonia
Go dog sledding

Cycle in Amsterdam

Cycle around lake Balaton in 24 hours
Hike Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon



Own a successful YouTube channel
Be an au pair
Write an e-book

Daily vlog for a week with someone I love


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