2 dreams come true in one day


After our weird breakfast (hamburgers) we went to Kuta beach. The plan was surfing. We barely stepped on the sand when a guy came up to us, offering his services as an instructor. We found his price too high, so bailed on him. We managed to agree on 250000Rupiah per person with the next guy which is a fair price for both sides.  I managed to stand up on the board the first time, which was an incredible feeling. I might even though my day dreams about me crashing the waves as a pro come true. However soon I realized not a chance. Surfing was fun, but I’ve never drank that much salty water in my life. I was hit by waves so many times I couldn’t even count.Also I didn’t think surfing was so exhausting. I didn’t even have to paddle, cause the guy pushed us on the right waves. Still every inch of my body soared even the next day. I’m obviously not as fit as I though I was.

DSC00347 Kuta Beach

After surfing we went back to the hotel to chill and have a shower. We were picked up at 3PM to go for the dolphin swim. This was a big dream of mine. I used to read a lot of books about dolphins and finally I could touch one. We were in a group of 6 with a dolphin and instructor. I liked my group, who were an Australian family and we could make good jokes together. I liked the way our session was organized. We all spent the same amount of time with the dolphin and we could take lots of pictures and videos. It amused me how clever the animals were. They performed tricks and after every one of them we could give them a fish as a treat.

There’s usually a big debate whether or not dolphins should be held captive or not. I don’t want to go into it- We were told they let the dolphins go every evening to the ocean and they always come back, because they get food here.
My friends swam with wild dolphins in Rockingham. I’m sure that could be a nice experience as well, but for me touching and feeding the dolphin was the best part, so I kind of think they missed out a lot.

DSC00354 DSC00413 DCIM101GOPRO

Today was a great day. It’s incredible how many of my dreams come true. I do things I never really believed I’ll get the chance. And the adventure never ends.



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