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Week in review 2


I haven’t checked in for a while. Sorry for that, but I was busy. You know, I was watching movie in the cinema, jet skiing on a lake, relaxing in the sauna and rafting on a river. No big deal.. 😛
I know you all think: Screw you. That’s not a valid excuse for not writing. Especially my mum, who called my crying after a week, because she thought I was in a hospital or in prison. 😀 And you are right. I have a better explanation. It’s is not laziness this time, like usually. It’s more valid. I didn’t have Internet. It was raining every day and even after rain it probably needs 2 dry days to work.
I’d had no complain for the storms if the Internet worked. But now the rain is my worst enemy.
No, actually I’m starting to accept this fact and find something useful to do. Like watching TV or reading in Russian.
I wouldn’t say the weather is bad. It’s true it rained a lot this week, but not all day. The temperature is pleasant and the sun often shines for a few hours



This week we went to hospitals almost every day. It turned out Dana has a serious illness in her brain and because of that she has headaches almost every day. Sometimes mild, and sometimes more intensive. I don’t want to go into details, but she will probably need surgery. When they told Dana, she was very sad. The whole situation is very depressing. I mean, how the parents have to stay strong for their daughter. They have to say everything will be all right, and act like they usually do. But on the other hand they probably can’t stop thinking about the surgery themselves. Anyway I hope everything will work out and Dana will recover fast.
But all in all, the parents don’t want Dana to worry about it. They organize programs to make her happy and do everything as usual. They are always cheerful in front of her.
On Friday Andrey took us to the cinema to a shopping centre. We watched Turbo. I liked it. I hope will go to the cinane again. Then we had some time with Dana. I ate a Longer in KFC and we went to a couple of shops. I bought a serial. There were many serials, films and music. They were quiet cheap compared to Hungary . I was thinking about buying more stuff, but I though I’ll also have opportunity for that later. I wanted to ask Marina first what kind of music they listen to. There’s always music in the car and I usually like it.
The serial I bough is Arrows. I’ve already seen it in English, so it will be easier to understand in Russian.
About a year ago I wanted to download American serials in Russian, but I quickly got frustrated, because I write very slowly on my computer with Russian letters. When I finally managed the original English conversation was heard. It turned out Russian don’t mute completely the original sound. I guess it’s just another thing I’ll never understand why.
So I was curious about the serial I bough. It’s bad…. I just laugh about it. The outside of the CD is empty. There’s no picture, it looks like a copied CD. Then the quality is also shit. I don’t get it. I can download better than this. Someone actually buy these CDs here? Well probably, because they don’t have Internet. But it’s ridiculous. Anyway I still think I made a good deal. It was only 150 rubels and saved me a lot of time and energy from looking for it in the Internet.




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