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Wave Rock


Is it worth driving 350 km just to see a rock? That’s what tourist do, let’s be honest. We set off early and make big efforts just to see something that’s famous and somewhat nice. Wave Rock is about 350 km from Perth, which means at least 8 hours drive for the day, just to spend about 20 minutes at our destination. We all do it.

Frankly I wouldn’t travel this much from home to see it. But I’m not home. I’m in Australia. I have to go explore, see, experience…. Wave Rock has a story for me. I remember seeing a post of it on 9gag a few years ago. I liked the picture so googled the location. Western Australia. I simply acknowledged to never see it in my life, as how the hell would I end up in WA? But here I am. Life is just full of surprises.

Apart from this, visiting Wave Rock has another story. The adventure itself and the lesson to never rely on others. (or on the French as my host dad would say) Because ever since I’m on the road this was the second time I got pissed and felt that things are out of my control. (The first time was when I was stranded on the Barnaul Airport for a day, because they though a 15 hours delay is acceptable.)
So what happened exactly? Just small things piling up.. Let’s start with the fact that the girl who was supposed to pick us up with her car called us 5 minutes after the discussed time, that she can’t have the car, as it’s the weekend and her host parents don’t let her. Bravo… like you couldn’t have ask them earlier?! Let’s say before you promised 3 other girls to give them a ride. Anyway, no point of being upset. We need to figure out a way to get to the car rental. Sophie was riding her bike to the train station and I was running next to her bare feet. I looked ridiculous. Anyway Sophie told me on the way that we have to wait 20 minute for the train and then walk another 30 minute from the station to the rental place. Here I got pissed and asked for the rental place’s address. Google Map and Mobile Internet is my best friend so I figured out in a second that we can take a bus. Super. Sophie locked her bike to the wall and in that moment I knew she won’t have it by the end of the day. (people steal no matter which country you are in)

Finally everything is ok, I’d think. But nope. Because the girl who was supposed to pick us up not only incapable to ask a simple question to the parents, but has also trouble getting from her house to the rental station. We had to walk her through how to get there and in the end she took the same bus as us, only an hour later.

It doesn’t matter, we get to the rental place and change the drop off location for the city centre for 11 dollars. Music on and we are good to go – 2 hours later as originally planned-


First stop was York, which is a historic town. We spent there about 10 minutes checking out the buildings, then continued our way.


There’s free parking at Hippo’s Yawn, which is another interesting rock formation that’s worth visiting once in the area. From there an easy 5 minute walk to our original destination. We surfed this amazing formation and took a lot of pictures. It was really awesome how high it was. (15m) Then headed back to the car to set off for the next stop, which was Mulka’s Cave. I wasn’t that enthusiastic about it as Sophie. She was amazed by the hand prints. She said she had dreams about it before coming to Australia. It’s always interesting to see, how people are different and we get excited by different things.



We had a long journey ahead of us, so we decided to head home. We got to the rental place at 22:10. It was closed and we didn’t know what to do with the car. The French au pair would have through the key inside the gate without thinking, but we stopped her. I was against it, but the rest of the girls supported the idea. To be honest I just wanted to get home and though I have nothing to do with the car, as it was not on my name. So in the end we left and the key inside the gate.

I was quite upset with them. They were just walking super slow to the train station and I was in front of them like 10 m. I wanted to catch the train really bad. After a few minutes I didn’t care and said goodbye to them. In the end my host dad picked me up at about 11 pm, because he called where I was. It was very nice from him, to give me a lift. I’m really lucky with them.

All in all, it was a good day. If you make this day trip make sure to plan it better and don’t rely on others.
Don’t forget to brink insect repellent. You’re gonna need it.

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