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Big decision


After grandpa’s 60th birthday I faced with a big decision. It took me many hours to make up my mind, and I ended up taking my parents’s advice. In the party some relatives invited me to Novosibirsk. Of course I said yes, but I didn’t really think I’ll have a chance as my stay in Russia was coming to its end. The next day however my host dad asked me if I wanted to go for a whole week there, because he and Dana traveled to Ufa to a private hospital to ask a second (more like 100th) opinion about surgery. I was uncertain. I knew about their trip and I planned so many things for that week. I could have lived in the city at the grandma’s house. I would have been free all day. I would have had a chance to hang out with some CS members, go to a cinema, theater. I already planned programmes with Natasa and Mis. I really like them. Also I already knew how I can get around in the city. Going to Novisibirsk for the week meant leaving the certain for the uncertain. I usually don’t have problam with that, however I knew if I left Barnaul I would miss out a lot of fun things.

Going to Novosibirsk wasn’t at all that tempting to me. I didn’t know where I would sleep, how much freedom would I get and so on…Also we were all drunk when they came up with the idea of me staying in their house. I wasn’t sure how serious they were about it.

My parents basically liked the idea of me visiting Novisibirk. They said I could see into another family’s life, meet new people and see a different city.

So I decided to visit Novisibirsk instead of staying in Barnaul. I knew I won’t have that good of a time as if I would have in Barnaul, but I though it could be a nice experience.

Do you want to know how was my trip to Novosibirsk? You’ll find out from my next post.

Until that.. tell me, your opinion. How would you have decided?



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