Week in review 5


On Monday we had visitors. Natasa came early in the morning and left Mis there. So we spent the day together playing in the garden. Later Natasa came and brough her mum too. It was the first time I met with the grandmother. It was just a quick meeting, because I spent my time with the kids mainly. She gave me Kinder chocolate, and said now she considered me her granddaughter too. She was realy nice.

Later that day I talked with my host mum. She said that the grandmother talks a lot, and sometimes she gets really tired after meeting her. I didn’t understand it then, because during her short stay I didn’t have the chance to get to know her that well. Oh, boy… my host mum was so right. I’ll tell you all about that in a next post.. 😀

She can't get tired of eating pancakes for breakfast.
She can’t get tired of eating pancakes for breakfast.


One day we went collecting mushrooms. This is a traditional Russian hobby. Yes, it’s excatly as exciting as it sounds like: zero. Anyway I like nature and I have a thing for pine trees, so I’m usually glad to join them.
Besides it’s interesting that we eat the mushroom that we collect. Fortunately they’ve been doing it for a while, so I didn’t get poinoned. Funny story though: One morning I went to the kitchen and saw mushrooms in the frying pan. We discussed the previous night that they were going to cook it, and I though it was ready. So I ate some for breakfast. Later I talked with my host dad, who got really worried, because it turned out the mushroom wasn’t ready, but he was in a hurry so just left if there. I didn’t feel sick, just laughed about the whole thing.

Also one day we went with Natasa nd Mis to a farm nearby. Dana bought an ostrich egg there. Ever since that time she’s been carrying it with herself everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. To the toilet, shop, hospital… She treats it like a real baby. It’s quite funny actually. She got really interested in ostriches, so I looked up some information about them on the Internet.




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