My host family


I arrived to my host family. I don’t know whether or not I’ll have Internet in my room, or in the house in general. So maybe keeping in touch won’t be so easy. But I can write the posts and upload it when I have connection.

But let’s speak about what everybody is interested in. My host family. Are they real? It was a question I got asked many times at home. Going to Siberia to a family that I have never met and only spoke to the father might sound a bit crazy, or even dangerous. And sure, I was nervous, I had my doubts, but if I concentrated on the fact I knew that they are real, and they aren’t interested in my organs or my money. 🙂 I mean scammers usually want to get money from the prospective au pair and don’t pay a fortune for their flight ticket.

Okey, so you still know nothing about my host family 😛

I arrived to the airport in St. Petersburg at 23:30. My host dad (Andrey) picked me up. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable with him, but as we were getting closer to the hotel I started to gain confidence. In the hotel I had my own room. Andrey went to the store and bought me some groceries. (apple, peach, water, yogurt) He also gave me the password for the wifi, but it didn’t work. I don’t know what was the problem. I suppose I should’ve done something different than normally, because there was a A4 page in Russian that explained what should I do. But I couldn’t understand it and I’m not very good with computers. It was late anyway so I decided to just send an sms to my mum so she knows I’m still alive. 🙂

I didn’t meet Dana and Marina this day, because they were already asleep.

The next day I guess I was nervous, because I got up at 5’o clock, which means I had about 4 hours sleep. We discussed to go eat breakfast at 8 together.

Dana is really chatty. I’m happy because she is very nice and funny. She talks to me a lot. It’s good because this way I can practice Russian, but on the other hand I don’t understand most of the things she says. She talks very fast. Her dad told her once that maybe she should talk slower, because I might don’t understand her. Sometimes it’s a bit awkward, that I have no idea what she is saying, but it’s natural and I’m here to practice. It’s a pity that I don’t understand everything, because she must say funny things. Sometimes I catch a few phrases and laugh, because she is hilarious. For example at lunch in the restaurant her parents drank vodka. A few minutes later they started to laugh very hard. We didn’t know why and looked at each other. Then she whispered to me: “They shouldn’t have drink so many vodka.”

Also when I asked her if she enjoys flying or is it boring for her, she looked back to see if her mum was there. When so saw she is too far to hear  us she said: “If I can hang on my mum, then it’s not boring.”

The mum Marina is also very nice. She has a smiling face and she looks very young. It turned out she doesn’t eat meat, because of yoga. She hasn’t talked to me in English yet, so I only speak to her in Russian. But she speaks slowly and clearly so that I understand.

with Dana


We have already arrived to Barnaul, Siberia. I’ll write more about being here and visiting St Petersburg later.



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