My journey to happiness


I’m happy. I just wanted to put it out there. Ever since I’m with this new family I have a constant feeling of happiness. Sure I get annoyed or stressed sometimes, but that’s just life. This is the first time in a while that I like the place where I am. The last year of high school was a misery. I didn’t have much friend at that time, mostly because of me. I didn’t care about the stuff my classmates were, and I didn’t do any effort to fit in. My only aim was to finish high school and go abroad to be an au pair. In my mind I was abroad all the time. In a place where I was free and happy. I think deep down I didn’t want to enjoy life in Hungary, being afraid that would stop me from going to new places. I made excuses to not to go out or make friends. I started teaching and that took up a lot of my time, which I didn’t mind. It was a good way to earn money, get experience and feel myself useful.

I liked my stay in Russia, but it was kind of like being at home, because all I did was watching TV and spending my time in the room. I didn’t really feel comfortable, because I only worked about 5 hours a week and I felt bad about it. I experienced life away from my family and I managed to improve my Russian and saw really interesting places, so it was worth it, but I wouldn’t have spent there any more time.
Ireland was the complete opposite. I didn’t have much free time and when I had, I just wanted to lay in my bed because I was soo exhausted. I worked about 55 hours a week, which is way more than the usual au pair job. It was for short term and I didn’t complain. I finally felt I was useful again and the kids loved me. My main purpose to go there was to save money for my big adventure to Australia. So from a point the lack of free time also prevented me from spending money, so I achieved my goal after all.

Then here I was in Australia. The first 2 weeks was not as I imagined my time here. I though I’ll never have that au pair experience that I was reading about 4 years ago in my room. But it”s possible. Being with this new family is great in every aspect. I have friends, plans, free time, job and opportunities. I love being an au pair.

I feel comfortable about the present and the future. I think no matter what I’ll have possibilities. Even if things are bad, they will get better. It’s something that everyone needs to know.

I’m sorry, this post is different than usual. I just wanted to encourage you to go follow your dreams. Don’t give up on it after the first failure! I know being an au pair is not a big thing for many of you. For me it is, because it changes the way I think, which will help me through life eventually.




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