Interesting facts about Europe


Europe is a diverse continent with so much to see and do. You can check out some of my adventures around Europe and also find out how I became a rollercoaster junkie during a visit to Italy.

Here are a few fun facts about Europe:

– In France it’s illegal to call a pig Napoleon.
– You might not be able to catch your favourite show as Netflix is unavailable in many European countries. You can still watch it though by downloading a VPN so don’t panic.
– A village in Wales has the longest one place name in Europe. I won’t try and spell it!

Check out some more interesting and crazy Europe facts in this cool infographic.

21_facts_about_europe_ig-3 (1)


This infographic was created by one of my readers Jess Signut. This is my first collaboration with someone, but hopefully not the last. I was really happy when Jess contacted me through my e-mail and I found her work really amazing and thought my readers will find it interesting as well. Hope you liked this post and make sure to check her blog out as well. 😀



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