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Why I found whale watching disappointing

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Whale watching is on most people’s bucket list, but to be honest it’s not that big of a deal. You spend most of the journey waiting. Let me brake it down to you.

1. You have to find the whales.

2- Once you did, you wait for them to come on surface.

3. You can see their tail or back for about 3 seconds from very far.

4. You hope they’ll swim closer, because boats are not allowed to go get within 1000 yards of them.

5. You go home with crossing this one out from your bucket list.

Of course there are some lucky people who see many whales close to them, but most of the trips are like what I’ve described.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. The ocean was nice and we saw some beautiful luxurious houses by the pier. And my absolute favourite part were the dolphins. Frankly they were more entertaining than the whales. Dolphins were really close, sometimes I was even afraid that they’ll get injured by the boat. In the end we also saw some sea lions.

Overall it was a nice experience, but don’t expect whales breaching next to you.

Whale watching

Whale Tail



Sea lions



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